Never Give Up!

Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster of an Autism Parent

How Does Having Children with Autism Affect You and Your Family?

When one of your children has Autism Spectrum Disorder, the whole family is affected and it has an impact on every area of life: sleep, scheduling, emotional and mental health, finances, food, holidays, clothing, education, and more!

Our Rollercoaster Journey: Autism and Everyday Life

“Never Give Up: Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster of an Autism Parent” is the deeply personal story of Monique’s introduction to autism through her daughter’s diagnosis at the age of 3 and the lessons she has learned as the parent of not one, but two, autistic children. It is the story of high hopes, shattered dreams, and the constant struggle to learn how to love and nurture their precious children and stay sane and hopeful in the face of daily challenges that every parent of an autistic child faces.

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What Readers Said About the Madi Books:

“These books are a special way of showing how Madi sees things.  Monique has captured the spirit and joy that Madi shows. We love having Madi at our school.  These books help us to explain autism to our students in a very practical and caring way. They will become treasured books in our library.”

Gill Wright – Principal Boneo Primary School


It was always beautiful to see how the children in Banksia group cared for, respected, and assisted Madi throughout her kinder year. However, when I read this book to the group it enabled them to gain a deeper understanding of Madi and almost gave them permission to ask questions and discuss “Why Madi doesn’t talk?” and feel how frustrating that might be for her

The book stayed on our book shelf and the children often asked for “Madi’s book”.  This book will provide your classroom with many things – 

Children with autism are given a voice; Children without autism are given the opportunity to understand; Teachers are given a valuable insight into those children with autism who hold a special place in our hearts.

It is a must-have resource for your classroom.” 

Claire Callaghan, Kindergarten Teacher


“A lot of families who go on the journey of nurturing an autistic child, are faced with misconceptions and myths rampant in the general community. Monique’s books are a beautiful reflection on the realities, tribulations and joy experienced by children and families living with autism on a daily basis. Reading these books helps anyone understand the unique and fascinating perspective Madi has on life.

I highly recommend these stunning books to all.”  

Nina Sutton, Executive Manager, Abacus Learning Centre


“Madi has been a student in our classroom this year and it has been an amazing experience to watch her grow and progress. As educators we have been able to make a connection with Madi and learn to share each other’s worlds.  The other children in the classroom have been enriched in so many ways by Madi being in their grade. They love to help Madi by giving her high fives and try to elicit a response to help her verbalise her thoughts. This beautiful book has given us all insight into Madi’s world and when it was read to the children in her class it deepened their understanding and acceptance of her. We strongly encourage anyone to read this book to enhance their compassion and knowledge about children with autism.”

Jan Buchanan, Paula Charles, and Jan Fletcher, Prep Teacher & Aides


“I popped in to bed early last night thinking I’d check out the first chapter – I ended up turning the lights out at midnight having read the book right through! Biggest congratulations in such an honest and reflective account of your parenting journey with Madi and Thomas. you’ve done a remarkable job navigating a story of hope, healing, humility and honesty. You’re doing a super job as a mum and a writer Monique. I have no doubt Never Give Up will be a comfort and reassuring reference for many!”

Andrea Rowe, Peninsula Writers Club

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